Eastern Sierra Stickers 

We have over 200 Eastern Sierra and US 395 Sticker designs to choose from. Printed on high quality 3M™ media right here in Lone Pine, Our Stickers are eye catching as well as long lasting and your customers will love them. Let us supply your shop with a selection of our finest stickers, and we will provide you with a beautiful retail Sticker Display. There is only a 12 sticker [per design] minimum to order, and if any of the designs you choose for your shop prove not to be good sellers, we'll trade them out for new designs. And when the seasons change here in the Eastern Sierra, we will replace any spring/summer designs with new fall/winter designs and vise versa. We also provide online advertising [store name, location, website, photos/video] for the shops where our products are sold .... To see what we have to offer, please click on Stickers & Stuff Store. We're putting new sticker designs together all the time. So please check our online store periodically. Our Printing Services include: Posters, Banners, Stickers, Window/Vehicle Decals and more!


Please contact us for more information and quotes:

Text/Call (760) 608-7245 


We are also available on Facebook and Instagram.


Wild About Productions

120 S. Main St., Studio 12

at the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce

Wild About Productions

PO Box 641

Lone Pine, CA 93545

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